Curious Dolphins (original)

Curious Dolphins (original)

Original drawing

Ink on watercolour paper

25 x 25cm


A small study inspired by my dive trip to the Red Sea. A dive I will never forget, the first time I saw dolphins. Four dolphins appeared from the blue and swam right by our group whilst we hovered, stunned and awed! They're much larger than I expected! I had this idea for a drawing where the roles are reversed and these dolphins peer curiously at a diver, wondering what he is and what he's doing!


Each artwork plants a tree!

  • You will receive the original drawing created by Olivier Leger
  • The drawing is titled and hand signed
  • You will also receive a hand signed certificate of authenticity
  • Drawn using ink on 400gsm watercolour paper
  • Paper size measures 25 x 25cm
  • Unframed