The whale that swallowed the sun

The whale that swallowed the sun

Limited edition #/25

Giclée print, 50 x 50cm


A spot of light. To begin with all she could see was a spot of light in the distance, but like travelling through a long tunnel the spot began to grow, and drawn like a moth to a flame she was compelled only to dive closer. Closer she dived and the spot turned into a ball, the heat began to radiate on her gnarled snout. Soon the ball was a roaring fire, a mountain of flames of intolerable heat, vengefully spitting arcs of radiation and energy. Just what she was hoping for. With a long yawn she raised her gaping maw, and with one great gulp the whale swallowed the sun, the oceans, the stars and all that remained was night. Time to find the next tasty snack, she mused, and peering into the distance she thought she saw another spot of light, the next destination for this ancient traveller of worlds.


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You will receive a limited edition giclee print (#/25). Each print is titled, hand signed and with its edition number at the bottom of the print.


You will also receive a hand signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.


Printed onto fine art 100% cotton, acid free paper, 315gsm using lightfast pigmented inks.


Prints are unframed.