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Gift Card terms & conditions

Gift cards are redeemable on my online store or in person at my stand at art fairs or events. It cannot be used to purchase from other online or physical stores that stock my products.

Gift cards do not have an expiry date.

Gift cards can be used to purchase products of a greater value than the amount on the card, the balance can be paid using usual online payment methods.

Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

Purchasing an item of a lesser value than your gift card: If your order value is less than the value of a gift card you wish to use, please email me at when you have made your purchase and I will reissue you with a gift card for the remaining balance.

Using multiple gift cards: If you have received multiple gift cards (you lucky thing!) and would like to combine them to purchase one item, please email me at

Delivery: Please note gift cards are posted to the purchaser, not to the recipient - when purchasing a gift card please only include your postal address on the order.

Help, I've lost my gift card!
 If you have lost your gift card please email me at

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