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My artworks explore the wonders of life in our ocean.

Intricate ink drawings and paintings of ocean animals celebrate the biodiversity and interconnectedness of our blue planet.

At the same time as celebrating them, I hope my work can help to draw attention to the threats our oceans are facing in an era of human-driven environmental crisis.


A keen scuba diver, I draw upon my underwater experiences and a fascination with our ocean environment.



I imagine the animals in my paintings as ‘Ecological Godzillas’.


They bear ocean worlds on their backs; thriving coral reefs and vibrant habitats have established on their bodies.


Marine life find sanctuary in these ecosystems, safe from humanity's impact on the ocean.

I work in ink with fine-tipped pens or very fine paintbrushes. My largest projects take 6-8 months to complete and my smaller pieces take a couple of weeks.

Each artwork offers something new to discover each time you look!

ATLAS a short documentary
An Artist's Journey to Draw Attention

ATLAS follows my journey over the summer of 2022 as I embark on my latest painting and grapple with my role as an ocean wildlife artist and whether art can inspire change.

Watch the full documentary on YouTube
Dive into the Red Sea with me!


With each artwork, I am attempting to create a symbol that illustrates the wonders, biodiversity and interconnectedness of our ocean, but also reflects the declining state of our oceans.

Creating these drawings and paintings is my effort to tell the story of the challenges and opportunities facing our blue planet and help protect the ocean that we all love.

I hope that you enjoy exploring my artwork and that you discover something new!

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