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Nudibranch - Glaucus Atlanticus

Nudibranch - Glaucus Atlanticus

Limited edition #/100

Giclée print, 23 x 23cm


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Did you know? The Glaucus Atlanticus's favourite snack is Portugese man o'war! It is able to store their excrutiatingly painful stinging cells (nematocysts), concentrate them and then use them as defence against would-be predators with a more potent sting than event the Portugese man o' war itself... ouch!


Every print plants a tree - for every print purchased, a mangrove tree will be planted with Only One

You will receive a limited edition giclee print (#/100).

Each print is titled, hand signed and with its edition number at the bottom of the print. You will also receive a hand signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.


Printed onto fine art 100% cotton, acid free paper, 315gsm using lightfast pigmented inks.


Prints are unframed.


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