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Sticker pack - Ocean Collection

Sticker pack - Ocean Collection

A set of 7 fun and imaginitive stickers featuring details from my drawings, inspired by life in our oceans!


Each pack contains one whale shark, turtle, one manta ray, two humpback whales and two orca whales.


Made from biodegradable sugar cane paper so they are kinder to the environment. This means they are splash proof but not fully waterproof so not suitable for sticking to your dive cylinders.. stick them on your dive log instead!

Sizes (approx.): Whale shark 13 x 5cm, Turtle 7 x 6cm, manta ray 13 x 11cm, large humpback whale 15 x 5cm, small humpback whale 3 x 6cm, orca whale 1 6 x 3cm, orca whale 2 6. x 5cm


Biodegradable and recyclable stickers made of woodfree paper composed of 95% sugar cane fibres & 5% of hemp/ linen mix. Currently the peel-off backing is not biodegradable, please dispose of the backing paper in your household waste bin.


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