Treasures of the deep

Treasures of the deep

Treasures of the deep,

limited edition giclée print in two editions:


The Big One!

The original size the drawing was made, take a close look at all the little details as they were drawn.

Details: 110 x 140cm, limited to #/25 - £1200


the smaller one!

For those with a little less wall space that love the design, this is a scaled down print of the drawing. I've personally checked the most details areas to ensure that nothing has been lost in the process.

Details: 70 x 90cm, limited to #/100 - £350


A tumbling torrent of tails whip and whirl in undulating rhythmical
peaks and troughs. A single multitude of fish flash and twist in
unison and concoct as a culmination into a magnificient and collosal
ball. A final posturing, an illusion of the small dismayed beasts.
United to deter the predator who ogles them keenly with voracious
eyes.and who hopes to unravel the fortress of knitted fish like a ball
of spilling yarn

Did you know? Baitballs’s are a defensive measue for groups of small
schooling fish. This phenomenon lasts only minuts however a baitball
can reach sizes of 10-20m in diamters! Now that’s a lot of fish!


Choose between a full size print of the original measuring 1.4 x 1.1m

or a reduced size print measuring 70 x 90cm. The full size print is limited to #/25 editions and the reduced size print to #/100.

You will receive a high quality limited eidtion giclee print of the design along with a certificate of authenticity. Postage and packing is free. Prints are unframed.

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