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Blue Planet

Blue Planet

Open edition giclée print

60 x 80cm fits a standard frame


From this distant vantage point, it seems no more than a pale blue dot. Yet ever so slowly it grows. And it’s turning into view.. and it’s turning this way! All of a sudden it is no longer just a dot. What is it? This dot has eyes.. and wings!A winged leviathan, a planetary being, flying through the cosmic abyss towards you! Across its back, an ocean, its volume thrown with reckless disregard from port to starboard as the creature yaws and pitches on its flight through space.A great moon hangs suspended, its enormous mass parting the seas in an immense tidal force. Trade winds and hurricanes whip at the water. Two colossal serpents, Therm and Salin, slither and careen through the waves, their perpetual chase churning the oceans over and under. A lone albatross hails across this living, breathing blue world. A blue planet.

Every print plants a tree - for every print purchased, a mangrove tree will be planted with Only One


Free delivery worldwide

You will receive an open edition giclee print. Each print is titled and hand signed at the bottom of the print. Open edition prints are denoted with a small wave doodle alongside the signature.


You will also receive a hand signed certificate of authenticity.


Printed onto fine art 100% cotton, acid free, 315gsm paper, using lightfast pigmented inks.


Prints are unframed.


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