Seahorse Mk2

Open edition Giclée Print, 50 x 70cm


Have a hand drawn doodle hidden somewhere on your print! For this print edition only. Make your print unique and personalised with a doodle of your favourite animal! :D Simply name your favourite ocean animal in the option box below. I will hide him/her somewhere, you'll have to find him/her for yourself!


Did you know? Seahorses are an unusually shaped fish that live in shallow tropical and temperate waters. They are monogamous and they are the only species in the world in which the male bears the unborn young! They anchor themselves on plants on coral for camouflage and to feed on drifting plankton or small crustaceans. Despite they’re seemingly slow and relaxing life style, they eat in excess of 3000 brine shrimp per day!
Nom Nom Nom!


You will receive a high quality giclee print of the above design along with a certificate of authenticity. Postage and packing is free. Prints are unframed.

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